The Upstylist

Interiors & Property Stylist

Upstyling to Sell

I remember styling my very first home for sale. It was a three bedroom apartment located in a small block of four, in the Sydney beachside suburb of Coogee. My first thoughts were that it needed to appeal to young families in the area who would be keen on the extra bedroom situation and proximity to the beach. It needed to feel comfortable for a potential family of five and present well on camera to the trendy eastern suburbs set. 

So, what did I do? I repositioned furniture to make rooms appear larger and encourage a breezy flow, decluttered what was on show to neutralise living and bedroom spaces, introduced artworks and soft furnishings to instantly refresh and connect the rooms and brought in indoor plants to great effect - there is nothing quite like a beautiful palm to suggest a holiday at home feel. The apartment sold before auction to very happy clients. 

What didn't I do? I did not use hire furniture. It feels sterile and empty. Most people have curated a very personal collection of furniture fitting their taste and budget. Most people are proud of the things they own. Who am I to walk in and say, put everything in storage and let's start from scratch! I acknowledge that in some instances it may be necessary, but most of the time it is more than possible to work with what you already own. So much potential just waiting to be discovered! And let me tell you, I enjoy the challenge. One of my clients was told that she absolutely had to get rid of her orange velvet lounge in order to present her home to the market. My client was aghast at the pretentiousness of the request, she was proud of that lounge and adored her home. In the end, I kept it and it worked out beautifully. There are clever ways to neutralise your existing furniture, even an orange, velvet couch and have it add character, and not crassness, to a room. Bonus - no need to lug it out and pay for the privilege of storage. Have a look at my Gallery and see for yourself. 

The gist of it: 

I offer smart solutions to ensure your home is not only well presented, but feels good and attracts a range of buyers. I do this at a fraction of the cost you would pay a home staging business. 

How much does it cost? 

First step - Action Plan

This is the initial consultation with you in your home. It starts at $300 for a three bedroom home. The Action Plan consists of a walk-through of your property and on the spot recommendations to improve its look, feel and flow. I then follow up with a written advice note setting out all that needs to be done for your home to shine; this includes suggestions for the types of things you might want to purchase to instantly refresh your existing set up and ensure your home reaches its maximum potential. 

Second step - Complete Upstyle

This is where I pick up where I left off and undertake the myriad of tasks that I recommended to you in the Action Plan. It may involve things like: repositioning existing furniture and artwork (it's all about the layout), decluttering and tidying up here and there (your home needs to be able to breath and suggest space to a potential buyer), sourcing new accessories to lift the overall feel of the home (crucial, especially for that all important first impression), utilising some of my own props to save you having to purchase something (I have quite the inventory) and so on and so on. Basically, it all gets done and looks fabulous. I provide complimentary flower arrangements throughout the home and ensure I attend before the first open house just to check everything is in position and ready to go.  The cost can vary but I do quote you for this service when I provide you with the Action Plan. In any case, you are looking at quite the saving when compared to the costs of a home staging business. Also, you won't have to empty your home of its contents, put them in storage and live with hire furniture for the course of the marketing campaign. What do you have to lose? 

Upstyling to Live

Growing up, my parents used to surprise us by changing rooms - swapping the living for the dining or vice versa, mixing up pieces here and there - they swore by the fact that a change was as good as a holiday! Clearly, this little adage has rubbed off on me too. Sometimes, a simple change - for example, rotating the dining table, new cushions in surprising colours, an indoor plant or two - can provide a new lease on life at home. 

So many people shrug off having to focus on their homes, saying that it is expensive, a luxury, something only achievable on those home renovation television shows or that they would rather wait; until they own their own home, their kids have grown, or for when they have more time on their hands. To these people, I say - let me help! Styling your home need not be a chore. The benefits to having a functional, organised, beautiful space is that it feels good and does wonders for the soul. It can be achieved on a budget without having to look like a (insert: swedish furniture conglomerate) showroom. Take a peek at some of the spaces I have styled - while some may not be your cup of tea, appreciate that each person's tastes are different. I work with my clients to understand what it is they are after, or make suggestions of my own. A pair of fresh (professional) eyes can totally transform a space.  

The gist of it: 

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have a functional, organised space that feels beautiful at the same time - gamechanger

How much does it cost?

First step - Vision Board

If you would like to invest in some new pieces for your home but have no idea where to start, then this might be enough to set you on the right track. I start by attending your home for an initial consultation or alternatively, we can connect over the phone or email. We talk through what you want to achieve in your space and how you want it to feel. We discuss different styles, the use and impact of colour and things you are drawn to. I then get back to you with a Vision Board. This is something that showcases ideas for your space, from couches and tables to soft furnishings. Think of it as a carefully curated guide tailored to your requirements. It will allow you to visualise what your space can look and feel like.  This service starts at $400. 

Second step - Complete Upstyle

Quick and simple or detailed and intensive. This expands on the Vision Board and allows me to start the actual process of styling your home. There is no cookie cutter price list, but I do aim to work within what your budget allows.