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In this instance, my client was initially told to pack all her belongings away so that hire furniture could take centre stage. This was simply unacceptable to her and seemed unnecessary to me. What did I have to work with? An extensive art collection, beautiful bed linen, a luxurious orange velvet lounge and classic furniture. So many good things. So many good feels. This was clearly a client proud of her curated collection of belongings. I made sure to use these wonderful items to their advantage. Rather than put the orange lounge in storage, I made it the star of the show! Orange accents were added elsewhere in the room, a textured neutral rug was added underfoot and just like that, the room felt warm, soothing, thoughtful and considered. A potential buyer stated that they could feel the good karma. I couldn't ask for a better review. In the rest of the house, I turned the former study area into a sitting room with a study desk, adding valuable living space to a small sandstone cottage. The bedrooms were kept simple and elegant so as not to distract from the beautiful period details and sandstone features. The end result - a proud client, with the cottage quickly selling at auction!

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