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A wonderful family home in a quiet bushland setting complete with water views - a bay and a pool! My clients had it freshly painted both inside and out before I set foot on the scene. They were a well travelled pair, evident in their eclectic range of furnishings and artwork. The main issue here was to enhance the living room space by reconfiguring the layout of the furniture and not obstructing the windows from the magnificent views. The two lounge suites were opposite to each other in every way (colour, design and finish) - so a new rug was introduced to connect the two items and enrich the room with a classic, Hamptons feel. The photo gallery wall was removed as were bulky or unnecessary items of furniture. Artwork was streamlined and reshuffled around the home to great effect. One of the most important areas when styling a home for sale is the entryway - it should create a fantastic first impression. In this case, a hat and umbrella stand was replaced with a whitewashed tallboy and a beautiful mirror. A simple vignette of flowers and candles welcomed prospective buyers and set the tone for the rest of the house; classic and considered. The changes were simple but immediate and striking. A consistent use of colour was applied throughout the home, working with the various muted shades of blue that my client already owned, complemented by a touch of blush pink. The home felt inviting, light filled and spacious, contemporary and fresh.  It was the best version of itself that it could possibly be. The end result - the house sold before auction to very happy clients excited for their next adventure!

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