The Upstylist

Interiors & Property Stylist


I am a Sydney based interiors and property stylist, passionate about all things homewares and design. I spent a chunk of my working life as a lawyer followed by a career in the public service. But that's not the most important part of my story. What I think is pretty cool is what happened when I was not working. As a mum to three young boys, I enjoyed three periods of extended maternity leave. During this time, I discovered that a well presented, organised and beautiful space made all the difference to my day. I thoroughly enjoyed being home because it had such a positive effect on my well-being. I started to look at spaces differently and realised it's not just about how things look, but more importantly - how they feel.

And now, I just can't help it. I go to my sister's apartment and move around her dining table or re-position her artwork, I go to a friend's place and insist she buy a plant for a particular corner of her home... I think in cushions, rugs, lamps... And, yes, I might even dream about it. There is so much potential in working with what you already own, with a dash of something new here and there and so the philosophy behind "The Upstylist" was born.

I specialise in creating beautiful and thoughtful spaces - either to live in and enjoy - or to sell. While these are very different design outcomes, they have one thing in common - a beautiful interior that feels just right.